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No one wants to read a whole book off a computer screen.  Fortunately, the Tao is one of the cheapest books you could buy (US$7-$17.50 for the ones I'm recommending here).  Ironically, the latest 'Far Side' will cost you double what you'll pay for one of the greatest books in human history.  Here's some Taos I've owned and loved:

coverFirst timers
Stephen Mitchell's translation is quite modern although it loses some of its classic flavour in the process. Available as a (quite good) audio tape for busy people. 
Book version here            Cassette version here



cover Illustrated
Great prints of Chinese paintings.  Otherwise, the same author and translation as above.
Tao Te Ching : An Illustrated Journey


coverA fresh & different perspective
The Tao of Gung Fu -Bruce Lee - Interesting application of the Tao with surprisingly deep insight.  Very little translation, but very practical application.  Did you ever see anyone beat Bruce Lee?

 The Tao of Gung Fu : A Study in the Way


Comic version
The Sayings of  Lao Zi - Asiapac Publications - Great graphics in an easy to read format.  More of an interpretation with examples than translation.  In two parts, but either one works fine on is own.
 Sayings of Lao Zi - Part 1


coverPeople who can read a little Chinese or Japanese or
want to study different versions seriously

Robert G. Henricks - Lau Tzu's Tao Te Ching - Features original Chinese text and detailed commentary.       
Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching


A great version tiled The Sayings of Laotzu, is available from Cave Books if you're in Taiwan.  There, it is packaged with Lin Yutang's, quite different, translation lot's of extra notes in Chinese, original text, and Modern Chinese.  Outside of Taiwan, try this one:

coverPeople who can read Chinese fluently or for Christians
R. B. Blakney - Lot's of comparisons to the Greek classics and the Bible in the commentary of the Taiwanese translation.  I've not sighted this American edition, but the translation is pretty solid and the price is right.. 
The Way of Life : Tao Te Ching

Popular alternative
A big hit for years, this a an off-beat, Western perspective featuring the very cute Pooh-bear.
 The Tao of Pooh

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