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lines connect to hub

This is part of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.  It was built using Taoist and Feng Shui designs to bring prosperity to the nation.  Notice the way the lines on the path link the temple to the outside world.


Hsu Yun Buddhist Association is part of the Zen lineage of a modern Zen Master. 
If you can find a copy of his Autobiography, you can see the use of Feng Shui and Zen's links to the Tao.

A great site if you're into Chinese calligraphy:  http://www.art-virtue.com

If Zen Buddhism is interesting to you, About the Tao has a sister site, About Zen (www.aboutzen.info )

The Dao Is Open website is devoted to the cultivation of Dao.

The Daily Tao - Interesting quotes daily, with frames

Taoism, meditation, Tao Te Ching, tai chi, qigong with notes & links, by Jeff

Tao Search have a seriously complete set of links to Tao web sites

Western Reform Taoist Congregation site is elegant and broad

Tao Speaks: Taoist forum is a great venue to speak with others interested in The Tao

Mr Sage's Philosophical Taoist Website! - Name says it all

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