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The Media Room

What's unique about this site:

Explains this ancient Chinese philosophy in a modern context using images, software and interactive pages.

Compares Taoist ideas to other major philosophies:

The Tao and . . .

Sexism and mis-translations of the Tao     How does the Tao compare with Jesus' view.     Tao & Zen: What's the connection?         

Accessible writing style accents fun rather than boring history lessons eg:

Have you seen a Tao or a Lao Tzu? Here are a few sightings.


Site includes hundreds of images I have taken in China, Taiwan, USA and Australia.  My experience as a professional photographer and computer programmer helped me capture an interesting mood and then enhance and compress it for the internet format.  They are used to illustrate the ideas, add visual interest to the Tao's subtle wisdom.


Both the Screensaver and Desktop Theme have proven popular on software websites.

"Next time you are waiting for your computer to start up, instead of staring at the screen, why not contemplate the meaning of life?"  The new "Daily Tao Quote" software has just been released and is unreviewed.  It presents a sequential, printable quote from the Tao

All software and access is free

Technical info

Designed to look OK on screens 640 to 1280 pixels wide by using flexible formatting that adjusts to screen width
Designed to load fast, even on 33k modems, by reusing most formatting images.  Long alt tags give visitors something to read while waiting for downloads.

Press Release

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Contact Details

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Chapel Hill   QLD 4069
Phone (61) 41 390 9941
Fax (61) 7 3878 3748
E-mail thetao@thetao.info

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Interactive pages

A random quote from the Tao Te Ching:
Random quote from the Tao

360 interactive panoramas

Panorama of a Chinese courtyard.    Chinese garden panorama     Inside a Taoist Temple


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