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Uncut block of wood, a popular image in the Tao Te Ching


He I am at a big scroll of the Tao at the Qing Yang Temple in Sichuan.

About 'About the Tao'

The web site introduces the Tao to the curious and the serious.  It started as a hobby extension of my personal interest in Taoism, and has grown into more than that.  I'm not trying to sell you any ideas, but if you are looking for a new philosophy or path, here are a few tips.


If you searching for a temple or teacher, be careful.  To paraphrase the Tibetan Lam Rim (a Buddhist text): "Most people take more care buying a cow than choosing a teacher, but you are entrusting your precious mind to a teacher so check very, very carefully".  Imagine you are buying a car that is worth all the property and cash you have.  Seriously.

The challenge of explaining the Tao on the web is that normally explanations are directed at a specific audience with a known level of commitment, experience and cultural background.  My answer and continuing direction is to use visual and intuitive tools that all kinds of audiences might find useful.  I believe this is in keeping with the spirit of the Tao.

If you want to cite this site, please include Robert Friedler and www.thetao.info in there somewhere.

If you want to use my software or photos on another website or reproduce them, contact me first at tao@thetao.info 

Feedback is welcome, also at tao@thetao.info   You may write in Chinese or Japanese if that is your preferred language.