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More Taoist Gods

Taoism has a large numbers of male & female gods.  Here are some of the less well known ones I found in the Dong Yuen Miao in Beijing, China. 


Department of Controlling Bullying & Cheating &
Department of Suppressing Schemes

Bullying is defined as overpowering the feeble.
Cheating is defined as playing tricks on others.
Scheming is defined as underhanded plotting.
According to Taoism, plotting to harm people is a big crime and plotting to harm loyal subjects is an even worse crime.  Even if schemers manage to have their way, the divinities are wise and the schemers will be duly punished.

Department of the Preservation of Wilderness

Preaches the protection of living things and against wanton slaughter of animals in an effort to preserve wilderness and the environment.


Department of Urging

Anyone who excels in Taoism should not only obey the Taoist rules, but accomplish good deeds.  Anyone who is lazy and idle in this life will become a slave running errands.  This department also urges people to work harder on performing good deeds.


Department of Halting the Destruction of Living Beings

Preaches the concept of benevolence, upholding human value and protecting living beings.

Department of Monks & Taoist Priests

Both Buddhism & Taoism hold scripture, rules & discipline as their predominant principles.  It is therefore essential for monks and Taoist priests to learn scriptures and abide by religious laws and rules.  this departments supervises their conduct, sets high demands on them and rewards and punishes accordingly.


Department of Pity & Sympathy

Demands rulers exercise benevolence over their subjects.  They should care for orphans, widows and widowers and refrain from levying heavy taxes.  People in the same neighborhood should help one another, especially the needy and poor, and display the spirit of mutual help and support.


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