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2 - Incense burner fun
3 - Master Qui
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White Cloud Temple

  - Bai Yun Guan, Beijing - Part 2 - Incense Burner


In the next area there is an incense-burning pot with a dragon on it.
(click for larger image)

Visitors stand about 10 meters back from the pot with their eyes closed, and try to walk over and touch the dragon.  Usually friends yell out directions, but some of them like to give out misinformation making it entertaining for spectators as well as participants.

 I wonder why people think the dragon likes having strangers rubbing his face.


Here is the entire courtyard area. 

The sign against the wall behind the pot describes the meeting of Genghis Khan and one of Taoism's greatest historical figures, Master Qui Chang Chun (1148-1227).  More about this on the next page.



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