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White Cloud Temple

  - Bai Yun Guan, Beijing - Part 4 - Loyalty & Astrology

Birth Celestials
The Yuen Chen Celestial Temple was built in 1190.  It contains 60 statues of "Birth Celestials".  Each of them is connected to one of the 60 years in the Chinese zodiac.  The 60 year cycle is itself made of five 12 year cycles, each of which is represented by an animal. 


Outside the Temple is a souvenir shop with a chart in the window with pictures of all 60 Celestials and the years they are related to.  If you pay attention to the image of the celestial, you should be able to find the one for your birth year and match it to the appropriate statue inside the temple. 

Chinese Zodiac
Mother and child dropping off a little incense for their zodiac signs.

Opposite the 12th century temple is a wall that was carved in 1993 depicting the 12 animal zodiac signs.  People like to look at their year and leave some incense on the carving for that animal. 

Beside the animal carvings is a wall featuring 24 images of children.  Chinese traditionally pay a lot of attention to showing respect to parents and ancestors.  These 24 stories are illustrated on the wall.

Loyalty, filial piety, illustrated - click for large version
Loyalty, filial piety, illustrated - click for large version



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